Thunderstorms From: 25-05-2018 15:00 Until: 26-05-2018 15:00 warning for: Thunderstorms Level: Yellow info button

Although rather usual in this region, locally or potentially dangerous phenomena are expected. (such as local winds, summer thunderstorms, rising streams or high waves) Be aware and pay attention to the latest weather updates, especially if you carry out activities exposed to weather or close to a stream or shoreline. 

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Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Temperature  26,2°Csteady
Maximum27,2°C (14:28)27,1°C (20:21)27,2°C (25-05)28,8°C (21-04)28,8°C (21-04-2018)
Minimum13,4°C (06:33)9,7°C (06:30)1,2°C (01-05)-10,9°C (28-02)-10,9°C (28-02-2018)
 windchill  26,2°C 
Minimum13,4°C (06:33)9,7°C (06:30)0,5°C (01-05)-19,0°C (28-02)-19,0°C (28-02-2018)
 heatindex  26,1°C  
Maximum28,0°C (14:38)27,3°C (20:23)28,0°C (25-05)28,8°C (21-04)28,8°C (21-04-2018)
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
Rain / Melt 0,0 mm  0,2 mm  51,0 mm  499,8 mm 524,4 mm 
Evapotranspiration0,0 mm  0,0 mm 0,0 mm 0,0 mm 0,0 mm 
 Humidity  57%  
Maximum90% (05:45)97% (05:36)98% (16-05)98% (02-01)98% (30-12-2017)
Minimum49% (14:18)38% (16:55)37% (08-05)26% (18-04)26% (18-04-2018)
 Dew Point  17,0°C  
Maximum17,7°C (13:32)16,6°C (10:46)17,7°C (25-05)17,7°C (25-05)17,7°C (25-05-2018)
Minimum11,6°C (06:26)9,1°C (06:30)0,5°C (01-05)-14,6°C (26-02)-14,6°C (26-02-2018)
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Pressure  1015,0 hPa  Steady
Maximum1016,9 hPa (00:00)1018,6 hPa (00:01)1021,8 hPa (17-05)1040,0 hPa (28-01)1040,0 hPa (28-01-2018)
Minimum1015,0 hPa (16:10)1015,7 hPa (18:11)1008,0 hPa (08-05)985,8 hPa (02-03)985,8 hPa (02-03-2018)
 Wind  1,4 km/h   Wind from ESE  Calm
Gust14,4 km/h (12:12)14,4 km/h (16:20)48,2 km/h (12-05)80,6 km/h (03-01)80,6 km/h (03-01-2018)

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Davis Vue


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